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Prevent Catheter Related
Urinary Tract Infections and Reduce Pain
and Discomfort From Catheters

The UroShield System developed by NanoVibronix is a small external medical device that has been developed to prevent bacterial biofilm formation on both urethral and suprapubic catheters by means of the low frequency/low intensity ultrasonic waves that it generates.

The action of the ultrasonic waves on the surfaces of the catheter interfere with the attachment of bacteria, prevent infections developing, reduce catheter encrustation and blockages and decrease or eliminate the need for antibiotics.

In addition, UroShield decreases the pain, discomfort and spasm associated with indwelling urinary catheters. All these characteristics make UroShield a breakthrough device to prevent or treat catheter related injury.

Uroshield is made up of two components:

  • 1

    A reusable rechargeable driver unit that delivers 7 to 8 hours of use and can be recharged in just 90 minutes.

  • 2

    A disposable clip is used with one catheter. A new clip is applied to each new catheter after replacement.

The UroShield is the first ever multi-targeting ultrasound catheter solution to remediate catheter related complications. Extending its range through two active stabilization patches, the clip-on UroShield can be attached to all eternal urinary tract catheters providing spasm relief, catheter pain reduction, and effectively turning any catheter into a therapeutic device that alleviates spasms and provides catheter pain relief as well as decreasing biofilm which in turn decreases catheter related infections.

User Reviews and Comments:
  1. Following the use of the indwelling catheter, I started experiencing frequent urinary tract infection episodes. Every few months I was hospitalized and treated with
    antibiotics to fight the reoccurring infections. Three years ago I started using NanoVibronix’s UroShield. I must say that it has improved my quality of life dramatically; I’m so used to it now that when I remove
    it in order to go the shower I feel “something is missing” in my body. God bless you.

  2. I’m impressed with the dramatic effect the device provides in enhancing chronic patients’ quality of life by reducing pain, spasm and number of required catheter replacements. In addition, preliminary results
    in these patients suggest a lower rate of bacteriuria and related UTI. The product is simple to use and maintain. I’m convinced that the UroShield will open a new era in
    treating urinary catheter related symptoms.

Papers and Studies:

  • Effective prevention of microbacterial biofilm formation on medical devices by low energy surface acoustic waves.

  • The effect of Uroshield on pain and discomfort levels in patients released from the ED with urinary catheter due to urine incontinence.

  • Uroshield Urology News UK

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